I found Laurie and Hope Springs Arts and Wellness when I was looking for alternatives to a pill to manage my insomnia.  I had tried several options previously and couldn’t find anyone who would listen to me and respect that I wanted this situation to improve AND I wanted to do it without prescription medication.  Insert Laurie here. I started the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP) on 9/23/19 under Laurie’s guidance, in my mind, to cleanse my body and have a baseline reading so we could make tweaks from there. The most readily noticeable was the weight loss.  In just under 5 months, I lost one third of my body weight.  So much of that was inflammation and the visual impact was strong.  But how it feels will top that all day, every day.  I feel like I traded in my body for a vessel I can work with.  It talks to me when I listen, honor and respect it.  I have so much more energy, have made a lot of discoveries around sleep and what is really getting in the way, and my mood has had a huge shift. But AIP is not my secret to success.  My relationship with Laurie is.  I have now worked with Laurie doing empathic tarot, naturopathy, reiki, massage and in her women’s group.  I could talk on end about how awesome each of those experiences have been because of Laurie’s warmth, depth and breadth of knowledge, positivity and lack of judgment. Laurie brings credentials and traditional school learning, and the work she has put into those accomplishments is respectable and commendable.  And none of it would mean much without Laurie being who she is.  Imagine a world where the person you are talking to about your body knows what they are talking about, freely talks about parts they don’t know and want to research more, listens to you and asks questions without dismissing your feelings - instead EMBRACING what you know about your body as key ingredient to the process.  It strikes me most when my experience of something in my body shifts and I realize my previous description was either lacking or misguided and Laurie shifts with me and appreciates this as a strength rather than a reason to discredit my future opinions.  - Stacy M.